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The backwaters act as a vital waterway for the transportation of goods. The backwaters in Kerala are a world of serenity and wonderment. For People live in some parts backwaters are the only link between isolated villages and crowded towns. The coastal regions of Kerala have a network of waterways, inlets from the sea, and estuaries of over forty rivers, lakes and natural canals connecting coastal towns. This interlinked body of waterways is known as the backwaters in Kerala. In Kerala, the total expanse of backwater stretches over 1500 kms..

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Alappuzha which forms the main part of this network has the peculiar geographical feature of having the water in level with the land. This gives the advantage of getting a closer look at the village life on shore in Kerala while on a backwater ride. Many unique species of aquatic life including crabs, frogs and mudskippers, water birds such as terns, kingfishers, darters and cormorants, and animals such as otters and turtles live in and alongside the backwaters in Kerala. Palm trees, pandanus shrubs, various leafy plants and bushes grow alongside the Kerala backwaters, providing a green hue to the surrounding landscape..

You can see the amazing flora and fauna of the backwaters in Kerala, while on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater.The sparkling water and the caressing cool wind is a temptation too strong to resist in Kerala. The fisher folk and people who live along the backwaters in Kerala have a unique relationship with the Kerala backwaters. It is a unique experience as this is as close as one can get to feel the vibrant life in the countryside of god's own country Kerala.

Athirapally Vazhachal
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Allappuzha -Travel on Backwater Cruises in Kerala with Kerala Backwater and experience a delightful journey to a land where earth, sea and sky come together in harmony. Allappuzha is one of the most important tourist centers in the state Kerala, with a large network of inland canals earning it the sobriquet "Venice of the east". These large network of canals provide Allappuzha its lifeline. Allappuzha was one of the busiest centers of trade in Kerala in the past with one of the best known ports along the malabar coast. Even today it retains its charm as the centre for Coir carpet industries and prawn farming. Allappuzha is the ideal headquarters for backwater tourism in kerala

KUMARAKOM is another backwater tourist center in Kerala state, When nature is all you need to recuperate, Kumarakom is undoubtedly the most invigorating, fascinating paradise in God's own country, The slender coconut palms standing here, there and everywhere, its never ending paddy fields, meandering lagoons and backwaters, mangroves nesting birds of a hundred varieties can peacefully calm and invigorate your mind with renewed inspiration for your vocation and life .
The fresh water of the lake runs into the mainland making a labyrinth of lagoons, brooks, canals and waterways. Water birds, migratory birds, mangrove shores and the renowned bird sanctuary form their niche. That is the pristine beauty of Kumarakom, the part of Kerala. hen nature is all you need to recuperate, Kumarakom is undoubtedly the most invigorating, fascinating paradise in God's own country, Kerala.
Kumarakom the charming emerald peninsula jutting into the ever-effervescent Vembanad Lake takes you into the heart of the scenic lake where you'll come across plenty of traditional country crafts, boats and canoes which are famous in Kerala.


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